General Recording Instructions:

To Record your Part:

1) Get your score ready, (print or or open it on a separate device).(See Below)

2) When you are ready to sing, open the conducting video in a new tab.

3) Open your preferred camera application. You’ll need to be able to run the camera while viewing the conducting video. Make sure you’re wearing headphones so the mic doesn’t pick up sound from the video.

4) After your camera has started recording, begin playback of the conducting video.  The conducting video starts with a conducted 5 beat countdown  in a four pattern. 

To facilitate the process of syncing your track with everyone else’s please clap your hands once loudly the fifth beat, or on the fresh the down beat and continue recording through the end of the piece.

5) When you’ve completed your recording, direct your browser to:


in a new window or tab.

???Login with the username “virtualchoir” and enter the same for the password.

???6) Click the “+ Add to Channel” button

???7) Click the Add New button and select Media Upload

8) Select the file you wish to upload

???9) Enter your name and the song name in the name field and other information you wish to share about yourself in the description field. Enter the part you are singing in the tag field.

???10) Click the Save button at the bottom of the page. After saving your recording will be uploaded with the other submissions and will be edited together to create a virtual ensemble.

To check your mic levels:

On a Mac: 

Go to system preferences -> Sound -> Input
At the bottom of this window, there is a bar that tells you your microphone levels. Sing loudly into the mic, and adjust the level so that at your loudest, there are three spaces left on the right. 


On a PC:

Open the Control Panel and choose Ease of Access.
Choose the link Set Up Microphone, found beneath the Speech Recognition heading.
The Microphone Setup Wizard materializes.
Choose the type of microphone you’re using: the headset, cheap-o desktop microphone or the they-saw-you-coming microphone that the guy at the music store sold you.
Click the Next button, and so on.
After seeing a few meaningless screens, you eventually approach the Adjust the Microphone Volume scree.
Speak away.
Watch that green bar go! Basically, by seeing the visual feedback, you confirm that the microphone is working.Continue working through the wizard or just click Cancel.

Musical Tips:

  • Breathing: Some of the phrases in the are long.  You’ll need to pretend that you are in a choir, with others singing around you, and stagger.  Try not to take abrupt breaths, or to breathe just prior to arrival points.  Try to sneak in and out smoothly.  
  • Consonants: Don’t be too zealous with the consonants.  We found that if people give a lot of force to the “t’s”, for instance, it is difficult to sync up the videos.
  • You’re welcome to submit multiple videos, by the way, if you feel so inclined.  There will just be more versions of you on the screen!

Conducting Videos and Scores:

Bruckner Conducting Video

Barber Conducting Video

Stanford Conducting Video

Musical Score for Bruckner (Edited by Andrew Sims Copyright CPDL)

Musical Score for Barber (Scores Purchased by UCLA in Choral Library)

Musical Score for Stanford (Edited by Björn Ehnberg  Copyright CPDL)